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What is the PG PRIDE?

PG PRIDE (Public Response in Dollars for Education) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity that raises funds to support the students, staff and classrooms at the Pacific Grove Unified School District.  PG PRIDE provides donation and grant funds to enrich the student experience within the District – including funding for learning materials, musical instruments, technology, field trips and camps, art supplies, writers/artists/poets-in residence programs, science equipment, stage productions, and athletics.

How does PG PRIDE raise money?

On an annual basis, PG PRIDE raises funds principally via two fundraisers:

·        Walk with PRIDE - Get Outside with PRIDE

·        The Great Taste of PG

Walk with PRIDE is a community walk along the recreation trail between Lover’s Point and the Aquarium, wherein students obtain pledges from friends and family to raise money for their classroom, clubs, or special projects.  The money each student raises is donated directly to his/her teacher through PG PRIDE to use  in supplementing the classroom learning experience – e.g., field trips, learning materials, art supplies, etc.  This is a fun event that involves participation by students, teachers, administrators, parents, grandparents, and others – walking, running, bicycling, and scootering along the most beautiful scenery in the world for a great cause. In 2020 this was a virtual event - Get Outside with PRIDE.

The Great Taste of PG has become a community favorite event that brings food, wine, and brew vendors from throughout the Monterey Peninsula for a fun night out at Spanish Bay in Pebble Beach.  PG PRIDE raises funds via ticket sales, a silent auction, and a wine cork pull at the event from which it draws to fund grants that support schools, teachers, and extra-curricular activities in the PGUSD.

In addition to Walk with PRIDE and The Great Taste of PG, PG PRIDE partners with PGUSD for the US Open held at the Pebble Beach Golf Links. PG PRIDE works with the Pebble Beach Co. and the USGA to recruit and provide support, for nearly 600 volunteers at the US Open. The Pebble Beach Co. in return gives $100,000 for the community’s efforts, which is used to fund grants in the PGUSD, typically sustaining grant funding for many years.

Finally, PG PRIDE can be made the beneficiary of your estate plan.  Please reach out to inquire for more information.

What is the difference between a “donation” and a “grant”?

As set forth above, the funds PG PRIDE generates from Walk with PRIDE are donated directly to the teachers, clubs or programs specified on the student walk forms. This allows the teachers/administrators to use the funds in an unrestricted way, supplementing their classroom learning environments or programs through specific projects or materials that may not have other funding opportunities available.

Funds generated from The Great Taste of PG and all other fundraising efforts by PG PRIDE are primarily used to fund grants to schools, teachers, and programs for a specific purpose. A few examples are new microscopes for a classroom, art materials for a docent led project, and registrations for Mock Trial competitions, entrance fees to California Missions, and the occasional tuba for the orchestra/marching band at PGHS!

What is PG PRIDE doing with the $100,000 earned from the 2019 U.S. Open?

Approximately every 7-10 years, PG PRIDE has had the opportunity to collaborate with the Pebble Beach Company (PBC) and the Pacific Grove Unified School District, to raise funds for the District by assisting PBC in connection with its hosting of the U.S. Open.  PG PRIDE expends significant time and resources to engage as many as 600 volunteers to assist PBC, and in exchange, PBC issues $100,000 to the District to be administered by PG PRIDE in its grant-making efforts. 

Since the grant requests received by PG PRIDE often exceed the amount of money that PG PRIDE would otherwise earn via the Great Taste of PG and other fund-raising events, the funds earned via this partnership with PBC help to sustain PG PRIDE’s efforts over the course of many years – until the next tournament and volunteer opportunity arises.

PG PRIDE also endeavors to use funds from each tournament to support a large-scale project within the District.  For the 2019 U.S. Open, PG PRIDE has committed up to $30,000 of these funds to be used in connection with Forest Grove Elementary School’s efforts to replace its aged play structures.

What is PG PRIDE’s tax exemption status?

PG PRIDE Inc. is a public charity organization with Tax Exempt status, aka 501(c)(3).   EIN: 77-0017369

Donors can deduct contributions made to PG PRIDE under IRC Section 170.

PG PRIDE is also qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under Section 2055,2016,or 2522. 

Please consult with a certified public account or other professional.

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